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Padel39 is built around the love of padel, wellness, and social interactions.

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You’ll meet others for Padel on-court, work out in the fitness center, or relax with a sauna or ice bath. Then, it’s time to hang out with like-minded friends on the deck for drinks and snacks.

Padel39 is not only a fitness club to help you improve your health.  We are reigniting Padel's legacy in a modern yet authentic wellness facility that delights members and guests so they can leave recharged and ready for the next day.


Padel39 is coming to Austin, TX, in Summer  2024

After a year of planning, we are beyond excited to launch our first location near The Domain and Q2 Stadium.  Our team is working flat-out to open the Club in the Summer.

We go ‘Beyond’ because Padel is more than a dynamic, fun racquet sport for all, just like Padel39 is more than a luxury athletic club experience.

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Meet to play, train, relax, and connect

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Padel has captivated the World, and captured our hearts. Come play at our World-class courts.

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Exercise in our premium facility built around functional  fitness.

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We reignite Padel’s legacy inside an authentic yet modern wellness facility.

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Access a refreshing lifestyle packed with fun social connections that form lasting bonds.

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Padel39 is a celebration

Why did we call our club Padel39? Well, we celebrate the origins of our sport by using ‘39’, the first two digits of the zip code for Acapulco, Mexico, where the  sport originated.


Padel Uncovered

Padel has similarities with platform (paddle) tennis, devised in the 1920s, and is still played today by diehard enthusiasts.

The sport of Padel, which we know and love today, began in 1969 when a wealthy businessman, Enrique Corcuera, constructed the first court at his holiday home in Puerto de Acapulco, Mexico. He loved tennis but didn’t have enough space for a full-sized tennis court. So, he built a smaller court with walls to play with his friends.The sport evolved when his Spanish friend, Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, tried Padel at Enrique’s home and instantly fell in love with the sport. Alfonso went back to Marbella, Spain, and, with a few modifications, built two Padel courts in 1974 at his Tennis club.

Then, in 1975, Julio Menditeguy, an Argentinian member of Alfonso’s Tennis Club, felt the same passion and decided to import the sport to Argentina. And so, the sport started to grow globally.