The Differences Between Padel and Tennis

The Differences Between Padel and Tennis
Apr 28, 2023

Padel has similarities with different variations of tennis, and some elements of squash and racquetball, but it has its own unique qualities that make it the dynamic racquet sport we love.  In our first blog, we highlight some of the key differences between Padel and Tennis.

Padel court is easier on the body

The smaller Padel court shortens the coverage for players, making it easier to reach the ball and return it more quickly. In Padel, the walls are used in gameplay, so making it more dynamic and rallies are longer, as there are more ways to return the ball. The Padel net is lower and not as wide.

Playing Padel vs. Tennis

Tennis is played singles and doubles.  Padel is generally played as doubles, which is less physical yet still dynamic play. To play Padel singles, you require specialized and smaller courts which are not as common on a professional or recreational level.

Padel serves are underhand. Typically, players stay on their sides of the court throughout the point.  Although Padel has less switching of sides when compared to tennis, the optimal skill level is very high.

Tennis Elbow, and its companion Golf Elbow, are all-too-common tennis injuries that plague players of all abilities.  With tennis, players use overhead serves, which because of complexities, often leads to shoulder issues, like rotator cuff and bicep tears, especially as players age.

In tennis doubles, players alternate sides when serving, and on returning serve, players pick a side to start but can often switch during point play. With Padel, the doubles play combines the social aspect perfectly with less physical yet still dynamic play.

Padel Equipment

Padel racquets are smaller, without strings, and have a sweet spot closer to the hand, which makes it easier to control and hit precision shots and overall gameplay.

The Padel racquet has perforated with holes throughout which reduce weight and drag. Racquets are classified as: Diamond (greater power),Teardrop (Control and power) and Round (greater control). Tennis racquets are strung with different types of tennis strings including polyester, multifilament, and natural gut, and have thicknesses of between 15-20 gauge.

Although at first glance the Padel ball looks like a tennis ball, but it is slightly smaller in diameter and has a lower pressure to it bounces lower.